Old Wives' Tales

October 20, 2012

Most of you already know that I am having a boy! His name is Aiden James and I couldn't be more excited. I used all of the old wives tales to try and figure out what I am having and I had a girl majority. I'm not going to do an official gender post on this blog, but I do want to put together a list of the old wives tales I used and my answers to them.

1. Are you carrying high (girl) or low (boy)?
--> I am carrying low, so boy for this one!

2. What is the baby's heart rate? 140+ bpm (girl) or 140- bpm (boy)
--> Every time we heard the baby's heart beat, it was always above 140 bpm, so girl for this one!

3. Are you craving sweets (girl) or salty/sour (boy)?
--> I craved both sweet and sour, but I definitely craved sweet things more, so girl for this one!

4. Chinese gender predictor uses month and age of conception. I used the one on TheBump.
--> It said I was supposed to have a girl!

5. Is your skin more acne prone (girl) or more beautiful than before (boy)?
--> My skin used to be like porcelain, but lately I look like I just hit puberty, so girl for this one!

6. Is your hair lacking volume (girl) or do you have the most beautiful hair ever (boy)?
--> My hair is the worse I have ever seen it, so I'm giving this one to girl too!

7. Do you have harsh morning sickness (girl) or little/no morning sickness (boy)?
--> Morning sickness has been my main symptom and it's been dreadful, girl for this one!

8. Is your overall mood more happy (boy) or like a roller coaster (girl)?
--> I'm giving this one to boy, because I still have episodes, but I'm more content then crazy.

9. Is the dad gaining weight (girl) or is his weight the same (boy)?
--> Adam's put on a few pounds so far, so I'll have to say girl!

10. If your legs get bigger (boy) if your legs stay in shape (girl).
--> My legs are definitely not the same as before, so boy!

11. If you are carrying in front (boy) if you are carrying all around (girl).
--> My baby bump sticks straight out and I still have some curve to my waist, so boy!

12. If you are more clumsy (boy) other wise if you are still stable (girl).
--> I am always about to fall over just standing still, and bumping into things, so boy for this one.

So let's see how I ranked...

BOY  (5)            or              GIRL  (7)

Now I can see why these are just called "tales"! It obviously was not right!

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