14 week Appointment

September 26, 2012

Went into this appointment thinking I was getting an ultrasound, because both times I went before, I had one. I signed in and anxiously awaited my name to be called so Adam and I could go back and see our peanut. I always get there so early and there are always people that get there way after me and it never fails that they get seen before I do. I think I'm just going to stop coming so early because that wait just kills me.

My name finally did get called, but it was the insurance lady who called us back. She wanted to sit down with us and figure out our payment plan and all that good stuff. She of course immediately started talking to me and I pointed to Adam and told her he's the one that needs the info. Because, honestly I had NO idea what the hell she was talking about. I'm glad he was there too, because I would have just listened with the biggest blank stare you have ever seen. The whole time she was talking to Adam, all I heard was birds chirping and rainbows floating through the air. I might as well not even been in that room. But she was done talking to us and told us to go sit back in the lobby.

I was so disappointed. So another 20 minutes of waiting and our name finally got called again. She had me get on the scale so she could weigh me and then she took me to a room to wait on my doctor. I was so confused and I asked her if I was getting an ultrasound done and she asked another nurse if I was on the ultrasound list and I wasn't. Talk about depressed. It had been 4 long excruciating weeks since I had been to the doctor, seen my baby or heard the heartbeat and I WASN'T getting an ultrasound? Oh my God. I wanted to cry, but I didn't want to get all hysterical in front of the nurse. She took my vitals and then told me to lay back on the table. I had absolutely no idea what she was about to do. I thought maybe she was going to try and feel my funds (the top of my uterus). But she squirted some jelly on my stomach and used the heart doppler to get a heartbeat. Yay!!! At least I got to hear the heartbeat. She started up really high on my stomach and she couldn't get a read, so she slowly worked her way down and got the heartbeat. Literally as soon as she found it, she turned the heart doppler off. I'm thinking I would like to hear the heartbeat for more than 20 seconds! But I was happy that I got to hear that little bit. Baby Dowden's heartbeat was 161bpm. According to the old wive's tales, high heart rates mean it's supposed to be a girl. We shall see! That's all the nurse did and she left us to wait for my doctor.

I actually didn't have to wait as long as usual. She came in and told me I was 14w6d. That threw me off guard because I had been really confused since my second appointment when I was measuring ahead and she changed my due date. So, I jumped ahead 4 days, I wasn't going to complain. It's a whole lot better than jumping back! So, she asked me if I had any questions (I had like one question) and she answered it and told me she would see me in 3-4 weeks. She said we will do an ultrasound (yay) and we will do more blood work (boo). I never really know how to take my doctor because she never really has much to say to me. But at least it's not a long drawn out process.

I went up to the front desk to set up my next appointment and I was so grateful that the receptionist set it up for 3 weeks and not 4 weeks because at this appointment we get to find out if we are having a boy or a girl! Words can not explain how excited we are!

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