October 12, 2012

How far along are you? 16 weeks

Sleep? i'll have about one night where I sleep well. and if my round ligament pain is bad at night I take tylenol PM, which helps me sleep. But I try not to take it except for when I absolutely have to.

Best moment? I could be totally negative, but I'm alive and well and so is baby.

Movement? tapping sensations if I sit/lay in awkward positions for too long

Any food cravings/aversions? my appetite has a mind of it's own

Gender? Uknown

Belly button? In

What I miss? my appetite

Looking forward to anything? my morning sickness being 100% gone

Symptoms this week: nausea, throwing up, no appetite, cramping/stretching, headaches/lightheadedness

Weight gain? total weight gain since pre-pregnancy = 6 pounds

Wedding rings? On

Maternity clothes? nope. still rocking the sweats

What TheBump says: Stay on the lookout for some fluttering sensations in your abdomen. It might not be right at 16 weeks, but pretty soon you'll start feeling baby moving around in there. At first those moves might feel like gas or a muscle twitch, but over time, as baby gets bigger and stronger, they'll be unmistakable. Of course, feeling those movements comes with other issues, like having your lungs crowded by your growing babe. That could make it seem tough to catch your breath from time to time. Don't worry: There are some positive symptoms you might be having at week 16. For example, some moms-to-be find their hair and nails grow faster. (Your hair might actually look thicker and more lustrous and your skin might look radiant, too. Woo hoo!) Another cool fact? Baby's starting to be able to hear your voice -- and she'll recognize it at birth -- so feel free to chat her up. Your baby's the size of an avocado! Now she's about 4.6 inches long and weighs about 3.5 ounces, and she's big enough that your doctor may be about to hear her heartbeat. She's listening to your voice, thanks to tiny bones forming in her ears. She's growing hair, lashes and eyebrows. And she's forming taste buds.


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