Five Things Friday

I follow the bump board where all of the March 2013 momma's-to-be talk about any and everything. One thing they do every week is called "Ten Things Thursday." I don't have the time to sit here and write about 10 things going on in my life right now. I have 13 loads of laundry and a countertop full of dirty dishes screaming my name. So, I have modified it to "Five Things Friday!" Some of these things are funny, crazy, sad, happy, etc. This is something I plan to keep doing the rest of my pregnancy. It may seem like complaining and whining to a lot of you, and sometimes it may be. But it gives me a place to collect all of my thoughts may they be good or bad, happy or sad. I want to be able to go back and read things I experienced throughout this painfully long 9 months. Blah, blah, blah, I'll get started.

1. I'm halfway distracted typing this post because of this aching pain I have in my lower right abdomen. I barely slept last night because every time I would roll over to switch sides I would wake up and feel this sharp pain. Of course the first thing I immediately assumed that it could be was appendicitis. I tend to stay paranoid as I progress through my pregnancy, but because of the location of the pain, I got super worried. I'm assuming it's round ligament pain, and my mom agrees.

2. Yesterday was probably one of the worst days I have had in a long while. I couldn't find a place to cash a personal check that was sent to me. (I don't have a bank account here in Texas because I no longer work.) So I wasn't able to mail out any of my Scentsy catalogs, couldn't buy cheap Halloween candy -- bummer!, and I wasn't able to buy the things I needed for dinner to have it cooked and ready for when Adam came home. I texted my husband that I wasn't able to get some groceries, and he said he would just swing by after work and get them on the way home. The best part? He brought home a body pillow with the softest leopard pillowcase in the whole world. What's better than that? He brought home Magic Mike!! It felt like Christmas morning to me, and I even told him that. I was so so excited!!

3. I'm about ready to kill my kitten. Ok, so that's a little harsh. But, I am ready and willing to throw him outside to fend for himself. Which I know would be even more cruel, because he doesn't have any claws on his front paws. He seriously tests my patience on a daily basis. He's been into this thing lately where he wants to run laps around my house, knocking down everything in his path. I added some fall decorations to a vanity that is next to my front door. He is constantly knocking all of that off, climbs up on my counters and knocks stuff off, and what ever is on the floors gets scattered even worse. I literally can not keep up with him. I hate that I say I want to get rid of him, but I can't stand the mess he makes. And, a part of me keeps telling myself that he is only trying to help prepare us for when Aiden gets here. But it's going to be a while before Aiden is able to sprint laps around the house knocking stuff shit onto the floor. My older female cat is so calm and just does her own thing and never really makes a mess.

4. I'm in desperate need of a makeover. I really want a manicure and pedicure and I want my hair done like I had it colored for my wedding. I was under the impression that I was supposed to "glow." Where the hell is that at? If I didn't straighten my hair and put on make up, you would think I was big foot coming at you. Lately though, I don't have the energy to put make up on because I rather use those 10 extra minutes to sleep in a little longer.

5. My little one is moving around a lot this morning! I usually sleep pretty decently at night, but since I was up in pain, I noticed him moving around. They say your fetus will sleep anywhere between 12-14 hours a day. And sometimes I feel him more than others, but I love it so much when I feel him wiggle. It gives me so much reassurance that he is doing okay in there. Adam can feel him kick too sometimes, but usually when Adam goes to feel my tummy, Aiden will stop kicking. He's so sneaky! I have so much love for this little boy that I haven't even met yet. I can't imagine the day I get to hold him and feel the amount of love that comes with that.

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