30 Week Ultrasounds

At my 30 week appointment on January 3, 2013, I went in for an ultrasound first and then met with my doctor afterwards. It was amazing to see how much he had grown since the last ultrasound we had at 18 weeks. I was the last patient of the day and it was getting really close to closing time, so I was afraid that the ultrasound tech wasn't going to take her time. She usually does the scans quick any way, but I was afraid that since they were about to leave, that she would go even faster. But to my surprise, she actually took her time, because she had to take pictures of the whole body to give to my doctor. She also confirmed that he is still a boy!

After my ultrasound, Adam and I got sent back to the lobby to wait to be called to a room to see my doctor. When we did finally get called back I was weighed and brought to a room. This visit was super quick. I didn't have any questions for her, and she just told me that the baby looked really good and that he was getting plenty to eat because he weighed approximately 3.5 pounds! It's within a healthy range, but closer to the bigger end of the spectrum. I think we have a chunk on our hands! I didn't get the length though. 

He are the pictures from the regular 2D ultrasound.

So, we got to the desk to set up our next appointment and also wanted to set up a 3D appointment and they said that they prefer to do them between 28-30 weeks for the best pictures. I was already 30 weeks along, so they set my 3D ultrasound up for January 7, 2013! I was so super excited that it was going to be that quick!!

So we got to our appointment for our 3D/4D ultrasound and we were the first people there. I signed in and they asked how we were going to pay and since we planned on paying with a card, they said we could pay after the ultrasound. Usually they get the payment before you get the ultrasound. And they tell you in the pamplet that sometimes you don't get good images because of the way the baby is sitting and it's kind of our loss. But the ultrasound lady was super nice and she said that if we don't get good images, she will re-do it for free.

So we got in the room and got set up and my little man was laying sideways and face down. She had to shake my belly for about 5 minutes to get him to turn. And when he did turn, he had either his hand or his foot up by his face. He is so limber that his foot could almost go behind his head. The ultrasound tech just thought it was the cutest thing she had ever seen. He must get it from me (no, not the limberness) but the fact that he has to have his hand or foot at his face. Because I can not sleep without my hand touching my face. Seeing it just melted my heart. At first she thought that we were going to have to come back later in the week because he absolutely wouldn't move his limbs aways from his face, but he gave us a few good ones, but to me they are all precious. We got about 30 pictures and a CD to take home. It was such an amazing experience. I really wish I could take home that sonogram machine so I could look at him every day! Here are some of my favorite shots of him.

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