I have had a HORRIBLE day

July19, 2012

Let me start by saying, if you don't want to read me ramble on about my horrible day, then you probably won't want to keep reading. If you have nothing else better to do, then awesome, let me share this dreadful experience with you.

Last night, I got ZERO sleep. I could not get comfortable to save my life. It was pretty pathetic. And I made the mistake of eating a plateful of pizza rolls before bed. No, its not the fact that I ate them and I feel guilty, because trust me, I don't. But the fact that I ate so many right before bed, it made my poor little tummy hurt so bad. Every time I would switch positions flop around it would send a shooting pain in my lower belly. No, not my uterus -all is safe there. It was like my body was telling me "don't you ever do that again." Whatevs, I was hungry, who's to judge. So between that awful pain the first hour, not being able to get comfortable and being miserably hot, I was completely out of luck. Once I finally fell asleep, I mean in a good, deep sleep, my awesome hubby decides he wants to turn the t.v. off. DING! I am awake just as quick as you can flip on a light switch. Dude, so not cool. Silence is not what I want to listen to while trying to get sleep. Hearing every creak and bump in the night is not what this momma-to-be wants.

>So, if you aren't already ready to quit reading, it gets better, I promise.

Yeah, so I gave up on the whole "me trying to get some sleep" battle, and decided it is what it is. And for whatever reason that only God knows I was up at the butt-crack of dawn with Adam. So I decided to scramble some eggs. I don't particularly care for eggs, but I read somewhere that it's like, one of the best foods a pregnant woman can eat. So I gave it a try. I almost didn't make it through the cooking process; the smell of cooking eggs makes me want to vomit. Not the dramatic "ew, how gross", but the "seriously, get me the hell out of here or you will be cleaning up a mess" kind. Today was not a makeup kind of day. Makeup was the last thing on my mind while getting  ready this morning. I was more concerned with taming the wild beast on top of my head that occurred as a result of all that flopping around last night. That took forever and a day. And I don't get in a hurry for anything anymore; the moment my speed gets any faster than a tortoise, my heart rate hits the roof. So, I looked homeless (not really, just missing my makeup & in my eyes it's equivalent), I forgot to grab something to bring for lunch on the way out of the house, I couldn't find my name tag anywhere. I realized it was Thursday, and Thursdays at work are SO busy with so much to do, and I knew it was just going to be "one of those days." I wasn't in the mood to see anybody or deal with anybody, I just wanted to stay home and have a good cry.

>Keep reading, I saved the best for cheating!

 I called Adam on the way to work and he said everything was going to be OK, and it will be over before I know it. But he couldn't talk long, so I called my momma. Boy did she make me feel so much better! I had hope for the day. And I had a reason to, for a little while at least. My manager didn't have a problem with me not having my name tag. (yay!) I was on register ALL DAY though - from 9am-5pm. Talk about exhausting. I would be standing there for the whole day ringing up transactions and talking to people about gibberish; all whilst doing my little Thursday chores. It wasn't too bad though. For the most part, everyone was super friendly and I only had one or two problem people, but I wasn't going to let them ruin my day! So I just kept pushing past it. And on a side note here, I'm still at the point of keeping my pregnancy a secret, so nobody knows my big news. Therefore, nobody knows that I need to eat every 3-4 hours to feed this little person growing inside of me, and to keep my stomach from gnawing through my back bone. Ugh, so I was super cranky that I wasn't going to get to take my lunch break (my measly 30 minute break) until 12:30pm. But I did, I made it to 12:30 and now my time to chow down on something extra scrumptious. I had McDonald's on my brain. I know its not the healthiest, but no one was going to convince me otherwise. Of course I got sent on my break at the busiest time of day. And on top of that? They were doing construction on the road to McDonald's. I had already picked the farthest place away to eat, and now they wanted to do construction during the busiest part of the day? C'mon. I have GOT to catch a break. I finally get to order my food after waiting in the ridiculously long line at McDonald's. I reached into my purse before I got the the first window to pay and I didn't have my wallet. Oh. My. God. How devastating. Now I wasn't going to get to eat? You have got to be kidding me. I quickly pull away and high tailed it back to work, calling Adam on my way. Thank the good Lord for understanding husbands because he said he would bring me lunch. *I could feel Heaven's light beaming down on me* By the time I got to work, I had waisted 15 of my 30 precious minutes. I clocked back in and it was so busy; the customers came from nowhere while I was gone apparently. My sweet man got there and I finally got to eat. And wow, I never want to enter a food eating contest, because that sucks so bad. I have never eaten anything so fast in my entire life. Crazyness. I felt so much better after I ate and I only had 4 hours to go! Things were lookin' up! About an hour later our power cuts off and chaos hit! OK, not really chaos, but we had to lock the doors and not let anyone inside of the the store. Only one register was working (ha! mine of course) and everyone wanted to check out and get the heck out of there - all at one time apparently. That was all taken care of and the lights came back on and things were getting back to normal, but time was passing by so slow. I had a handful more of people that were just rude/obnoxious and that's all it takes for my hormones to flip upside down again. Blah! But 5 o'clock did come around ever so slowly and I bounced.

I needed some cheerfulness in my life so I decided to try that Chinese Gender Chart on TheBump! And according to the chart, I am going to have a GIRL. Here's the proof:

I can't believe that it said GIRL! We will have to see when I go in for my gender sonogram! I don't think I will be any happier if it's a girl rather than a boy. I sit on both sides of the fence. Girls have an infinity amount of cute things to buy, and boys just don't. But I know how broke I will be if I have a girl, and girls are high maintenance. I do secretly however want my daughter to have an older brother, you know, to protect her and stuff. Either way, they will have me wrapped around their pinky finger. It's so crazy how in love I am with someone that I haven't even met yet, or seen for that matter. I am so so excited!! This made for a very awesome ending to a very crappy day.

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  1. It said Kyle was going to be a girl too, haha