Five Things Friday

I tried this once when I was updating weekly during my pregnancy and I didn't hold to it. I'm going to hold higher expectations for myself and try to make it a priority. Plus it gives me something to blog about in my ever-so-boring life. 

1. Today is my birthday. I turned 22 and I got to spend all day with my munchkin. Even though he acted a fool all day and hasn't slept since noon, he kept me company and I got the best snuggles out of him. 

2. I've been doing really, really good about counting my calories all week. But, I decided to cheat today since it was my birthday and all. Now I feel like I'm starting back at square one and I feel totally guilty.

3. Aiden finally came down off his fever he had from his shots on Wednesday, but he's not sleeping and that means I'm not sleeping. I changed his clothes twice. He peed in my bed. And he has learned this new trick. He has figured out that if he cries, I pick him up. And when I put him down, he cries. When I pick him up, he stops crying! What a smart boy. Spoiled, but smart!

4. My birthday present from my sweet hubby came in the mail today! He got me HipHopAbs! That might not sound exciting, but I've been oogling it on those late night infomercials for a while now. I was so excited when I found out that's what I was getting. I'm going to try it out tomorrow for the first time. I've got to lose the rest of my baby weight. I plan on doing updates on my progress for this as well. Stay tuned!

5. I'm contemplating getting a haircut, but I'm terrified. It has grown out a lot in the past year and it's the longest my hair has ever been. But, it's about to be summer and the humidity will make you think twice about having long locks here in the deep south. I know though, that the moment I cut my hair I will immediately regret it! So, long hair it is. For now. 


  1. I hope the Hip Hop Abs is going well. Get some abs of steel! : D

    You will probably regret the haircut for a little bit, but you'll get used to it. Just will take some time to adjust to the new do!

    Happy belated birthday! Pleasuring yourself once a week with food isn't bad.

    1. I'm already noticing results with the HipHopAbs! Not insane results, but slow and steady wins the race right?

      I'm still terrified to cut my hair, but I'm convincing myself a little more every day. It's just hair right? It will grow back.

      Thanks! I had a great birthday! And I definitely have to cheat every once in a while or I will binge eat and that's not okay!