Clumsy Me

"...Day 10, Friday: Most embarrassing moment(s). Spill..."

The good Lord above knows I've had my fair share of embarrassing moments, and I've chosen to lock most of them away and never think of them again. When I saw that today we were supposed to talk about our most embarrassing moment, I had a hard time remembering something to share. I don't have any juicy stories. And I'm sure you all are thinking "yeah right, just spill the beans." But, in all honesty, I don't. I guess my life is a little boring in that aspect. Sorry. 

All of the moments I would consider embarrassing have to do with me falling or running into something in some way or another. The story I'm going to share today happened back in good ole Junior High. 

Some background info that you might want to know. (Or not.) My husband tells me I give way too much detail and that I should just get to the point. I'll tell you any way. I grew up in a really small town. A town so small that it had one red light and the elementary school was connected to the junior high and high school by the cafeteria that everyone shared (at different times of course - high schoolers weren't eating lunch with 5 year olds.) So, it was time for class change. We had to walk from our class in the junior high building, all the way over to the music building that was located in the elementary side. You had to walk through a couple of breeze-ways to get to where you needed to be. 

We are in junior high, mind you, so we aren't escorted by any teachers. They trust us to get to our classes on our own. So, imagine if you will, a group of thirteen year olds unchaperoned for five minutes. So a group of us from my class were walking through one particular breeze-way located between two buildings and in the mean time, some of the guys were doing that thing where they kick underneath your feet while you walk. The point of this is trying to get you to trip. I turn around and tell them to quit acting like children, and BAM! Right as I turn back around I smack my face right into an open door. I ran right into it like it wasn't even there. And nobody even tried to give me a heads up. I was pretty mortified, but I shook it off and it gives me something funny to look back on and laugh about. 

It's probably not the most embarrassing story you've ever heard. But it's my story. And it was embarrassing at the time. I'm usually always running into something, stubbing my toe, falling down, etc. So that will definitely not be the last story I'll have to share. Promise.


  1. Ouch. Least you didn't break your nose.

    I was walking on my college campus and was fiddling with my hot green tea and ran into an umbrella and spilled it all over myself. I just laughed at myself.

    1. I'm shocked that I didn't break my nose! I got lucky!

      And of course you have to laugh at yourself. It takes the heat off of the situation.

    2. Yes very lucky. That wouldn't have been good. Then people would have called you bent nose : /.