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I'm so excited to be getting things together for this new baby coming in August! Although, his room hasn't even been started yet. We have so much to do, a guest bed to move out, carpet to rip up, etc. I really need to get on top of that!

There's also things that I am re-using from Aiden, like his newborn carseat! It is in perfect condition, but I'm bored with the design. I think by putting a cover on it, the carseat will have a new look without having to purchase a completely brand new one! This is a great way to save money! I found a website that sells covers that are so adorable!

I'm sure you all have heard of Carseat Canopy! I found this website while browsing online for different options and I love what they offer. They have lots of choices for boys and girls and a few that could even be considered gender neutral!

Carseat Canopy offers two types of canopies. First, you can get just the canopy itself, or you can buy the "Whole Caboodle!" I am purchasing the caboodle for this baby boy and I'm so excited!

If you are a mom who is expecting her first baby, you might be wondering why you would need a canopy at all. You probably are asking if blankets can serve the purpose, but from my experience, I can't wait to get something that won't fall off! Most parents do throw a blanket over the carseat to block out the sun or keep nasty germs away from a newborn. Regular blankets will work, but they often fall when the baby kicks their feet and starts wiggling around. The canopy actually fastens on and will stay put!

I'm very excited to become an affiliate and share these awesome products with you! You can use my promo code 'HOTMESSMAMA14' at checkout to get a FREE Canopy or $50 off of the Whole Caboodle! Share this code with your mommy friends!

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