4 Months

Aiden has made a significant leap in his development this month! Our giggly little boy can roll, stand assisted, sit assisted and sometimes sit unassisted for a few seconds, and reach. He surprises me each and every day with the new things he has learned and wants to show off. I don't remember if I wrote this in his three month post, but he is constantly chewing and sucking on his toes. Any and everything goes into his mouth! It's so dang precious! It just amazes me at how fast their little brains are learning new things. One day he can't do something and the next day he can. How crazy?

He's eating solids now and that's just another thing we are crossing off the list of big boy to-do's. So far, he has had peas, green beans, oatmeal cereal, sweet potatoes, bananas, and he is absolutely NOT a fan of apples. I'm trying not to think about the day he starts crawling, or walking, or even talking! I love watching him grow but oh how I want my baby to stay..well, a baby!

Sleeping patterns: He sleeps on average 6-8 hours a night. We've been hit plagued with the "four month wakefulness" and I'll do a post on that soon all it's own. The routine we had has pretty much bit the dust. 

Eating habits: 6 ounces at a time about 7 times a day! We also started oatmeal and stage one veggies! His first vegetable was peas. He wasn't sure about it at first, but it grew on him the more he ate it.

My accomplishments: He can officially roll from tummy to back AND back to tummy! Tummy time is absolute perfection now! And he absolutely loves standing up in your lap. He thinks he's a big boy now! And he laughs at just about everything! He's so darn cute. He reaches for anything you are holding in your hand!

Places I went: We don't go many places, but he's an absolute doll when we go out to eat!

Special memories: We bought Aiden an Exersaucer! He is really loving it and so am I! It keeps him entertained and is helping him learn his balance. 

Likes: Sitting and standing up in your lap, he likes to be able to look around at everything!, petting the puppies, talking to his daddy, and of course cuddling.

Dislikes: Taking naps on his own - I can't believe I've already spoiled the poor boy.

Aiden got the same shots as he did at his two month well baby visit (and yes, it still broke my heart.)

>>>>> 4 Months <<<<<
Height - 26.5 inches long
Weight - 14.7 pounds

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