5 Months

I'm writing this update almost a month late, but better late than never, right? 

This month passed by the fastest to me and I'm not entirely sure why. I think it was the most enjoyable so far. There are so many things he has learned to do and it's like he turned into a completely different baby. It's almost as if he woke up one morning and all of a sudden he could do all of these new tricks. 

He finally figured out how to actually jump in his Exersaucer which is my favorite thing to watch him do. He gets so excited and loves all of the toys, lights and music.

Sleeping patterns: He is sleeping about 8-9 hours a night, which is fabulous, waking up around 7-8am for his first bottle of the day. 

Eating habits: He is eating anywhere between 4-6 ounces 6-8 times a day. He gets a 6 ounce bottle first thing in the morning. I try and give him solids twice a day - once at lunch and again for supper. When he gets solids he only drinks about 3-4 ounces of formula and then he wants another 4 ounces about an hour later, Mr. Piggy. So far, I think his favorite puree is carrots!

Accomplishments: He is reaching for any and everything in sight and as soon as he gets a grip on it, it is going straight into his mouth. He has figured out the dogs and absolutely loves petting them! And his new trick this month is sitting up in the bed with us. He's not perfected it just yet, he's still wobbly, but he is getting so much better at it!

Places I went:  We were more of homebodies this month than anything. We did go to Red Lobster when our friends came to visit. And, of course, Aiden was an angel!

Special memories: Seeing Aiden sit up for the first time, even if it was with his hands propping him up. It was definitely a proud mommy moment!

Likes: Sitting and standing up in your lap, petting the puppies, talking to his daddy, cuddling, playing with his feet, tummy time - all the time.

Dislikes: He hates anything that involves being alone!

No wellness visit this month so these measurements are by me and I consider them good estimates. I can't wait until his 6 month visit to see how much he has truly grown!

>>>>> 5 Months <<<<<
Height - 27 inches long
Weight - 15lbs 10oz

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