Our Days Lately

I used to be one of those girls that got all giggly when I thought about having a baby. Don't get me wrong, I love my little guy to pieces! But, I wish I would have been more prepared for what really comes with the territory. Having a baby is a 24/7 J-O-B. It's constant and never-ending. They need your undivided attention at every waking minute - and this I was not prepared for. 

Right around the time Aiden turned three months old, we finally slipped into somewhat of a routine, of which I was extremely thankful for. Newborns are so unpredictable! The waking up every two hours during the night drove me to the utmost craziness that even sitting in a dark corner binging on toothpaste sounded like a better idea. 

Since I'm the one staying at home with our boy, I'm the one to implement all of our daily rituals. I try my hardest to stay consistent, but sometimes it doesn't prove to be so easy most days. And most of the time I would rather sleep than eat - yeah, it gets that bad.
So, our days start around 11am on most days. We play, I change his diaper and outfit, then he gets a bottle and then about a 30 minute nap.
When he wakes up, we play again, usually incorporating some tummy time. I'll put on some laundry or sweep the floors, then I'll give him another bottle and put him down for another 30 minute nap.
Adam and I workout whenever he gets home from work. Sometimes this is really hard because we don't know if this will fall during Aiden's feeding time or nap time, so our workout either gets interrupted or held off. 
Adam showers (and every other evening Aiden takes a bath with his daddy) then I will take a shower. 
The hardest part of our day is deciding on what we are doing for supper. Yes, I'm one of those horrible housewives' who stay at home all day and don't have dinner ready and waiting on the table when our husbands' get home. I don't cook, and husband loves to, surprisingly. So I let him. 
After we finish eating, Adam usually takes over a feeding and I get a minute to myself.

When Aiden turned three months old, he would eat around 10-11pm and would sleep until about 6-7am! I loved this so much. It felt really, really good to finally get some sleep. But, this didn't last long before he started eating his last bottle of the day around 9pm and he would pass out, then wake back up between 3-4am to eat again. He's made the later a habit and it's driving me crazy! He eats every two hours during the day once we are up for good and it lasts until his last bottle of the night. I'm chalking it up to a growth spurt. I'm crossing my fingers that it will be over with after this week. I seriously hope.

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