My Guilty Pleasure

When asked what is my guilty pleasure, I can almost answer that question immediately. The answer? My iPhone! I'm slightly embarrassed that I'm even sharing that, but it's true. 

I know so many older people that complain about too many of us "kids" rely on our cell phones these days. They complain that we don't know what face-to-face socializing really is. While my iPhone is with me 24/7, I love to text, keep up with friends and family on Facebook, and play the most addictive Candy Crush, I would not ever choose my phone over a face-to-face conversation any day. 

I live away from all of my friends and family so my iPhone keeps us all connected! FaceTime is probably the best invention ever! I love that our parents can see Aiden a lot more often even though we are miles apart.

I also take way too many pictures of Aiden. It's so much easier to take a picture with my phone than it is to see Aiden do something so cute and have to run and find my camera. I ALWAYS have my phone with me. Always. I use it a lot. And it dies a lot. But it is always with me.

What is your guilty pleasure? Share your link in the comments on Everyday Bay's blog post here.


  1. My iPhone has helped pass the time while nursing! :)

  2. Definitely my iPhone! INSTAGRAM!!